About US

What is 1Samaj ?

1Samaj is an initiative to unite people of same gotra, or clan, all over the world. represent your family, and know other families out in your community.Be in touch with each other and explore more possibilities within the community. build a network of people whom you know and whom they know.

1Samaj is an online Indian community portal for all Indians.All Indians belonging to different castes and subcastes. One can search any samaj address in different part of India as well in different part of other countries like USA, UK, UAE et. The website gives information of any registered Indians, details like name of gujarati with father, mother name is given, also details like registered gujarati's mama, mami, masi, masa, kaka, kaki, faiba, fua, brother, brother's wife, sister, sister's husband, wife, wife's father and mother, wife's brother and sister, sons, sons wife, daughter, daughter's husband, dada, dadi, nana, nani names are covered. One can search every registered individual by there name, surname.

Why 1Samaj is made?

Indian culture was based on very basic unites like family,vilages, and society. Due to invasion from wastern culture, all these pillers are broken and Individual has imeerged as more powerfull agaisnt them. However Individual is not capable to cop with the system and own need. the values of society is still benifitiory because the level of trust is higer there. It is alwase wise to be connetected to your own people rather then strangers. keeping this basic principal in mind we build this portal, to take individual closer to his own society.

In today’s world the life is so fast that people are very much involved in their own personal life’s, they don’t have time to have some social attendance because of which they are away or have less knowledge of other person belonging to their own community / caste. This makes a loss to them in future in many sense like at the time of their son or daughter marriage they are not aware of the opposite person because of less social attendance, also many times when they visit to some new place they don’t have the contact persons in that area. But one thing is also true in today’s world everyone is any how dealing with latest technology like mobile and internet. People are very friendly now a days using this advance technologies.

That’s why we had decided to make a common platform for all Indian where they can registered themselves and can very easily interact with other guaranties. You can promote your business, share your comments, raise some questions, ask for some help, and take guidance and much more with this website. AIM of this website is to bring Indian community online so that they can help other Indian’s in whatever best way.