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There is common belief that Megh Rikh was the prime ancestor of Meghwar. In the Meghwar traditional literature and oral stories he is considered as the most revered personality among all the Meghwars alike.


Meghwar consider themselves as the descendents of this great saint. It is also said that he got divine knowledge directly from God Shiva and handed down to his son named Megh Dharu who later endowed it to the Meghwar Jati or Meghwar community. Literally, Megh means Rain and Rikh is a local Rajasthani or Kutchhi dialect meaning Rishi. Both the terms Megh and Rishi have come from Sanskrit language.

The Megh (Hindi:मेघ), Meghwal (Hindi:मेघवाल) or Meghwar (Hindi:मेघवार, Urdu:میگھواڑ, Sindhi:ميگھواڙ) people live primarily in northwest India with a small population in Pakistan. As of 2008, their total population was estimated at 2,807,000, of whom 2,760,000 lived in India. They speak Marwari (659,000), Hindi (663,000), Dogri (230,000), Punjabi (175,000) and various other regional languages. As a scheduled caste, their traditional occupations was weaving. Most are Hindu by religion, with Rishi Megh, Kabir,Ram Devji and Bankar Mataji their chief gods.Megh lineage is considered to have originated from Rajarishi Vritra also known as Megh Rishi.

In Indian mythology Rajarishi Vritra(Megh Rishi) was the religious head and also the king of Sapta Sindhu region. He was progenitor of Nagavansha which ruled over entire India. They were known for godly qualities in their behavior, style, qualification and quality. They were experts in architecture. They worshipped dragon. Meghwals are identified with Hiranyakasipu, Prahlada, Hiranyaksha, Virochana, Maveli, Ban etc.

Languages :

Marwari, Gujarati, Hindi, Dogri, Punjabi, Bagri, Dhundari, Punjabi, Shekhawati, Mewari, Godwari,  Kachchi, Hadothi, Kashmiri,  Sindhi,  Bhadrawahi,  Malvi, Nimadi, Haryanvi, Kangri,  Konkani,  Nagarchal,  Marathi,  Chambeali,  Kannada,  Punjabi,  Bilaspuri,  Bhattiyali

Religion :

Hinduism 90% ,  Sikhism 10%

Related ethnic groups :

Megh,  Meghwal,  Meghwar 

A humble request to all મેઘ સમાજ brothers/sisters to register on this site and show the strangth of our community.Here you can create profile of your family members too,lets build more contacts to each other. that is what the aim of this site.

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