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Maratha Community, tracking its ancestry back to Shivaji, is known for its intellect and bravery. History of Maratha Empire forms a big portion of the history of medieval India.

The Maratha is a group of castes in India found predominantly in the state of Maharashtra. Marathas are people of India, famed in history as yeoman warriors and champions of Hinduism. The Marathas primarily reside in the Indian states of Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Karnataka, Goa and Tamil Nadu.

The history of the Marathas has been documented from the time of the Maratha empire. It has been subject to distortion, in part because of the extreme veneration of Shivaji that appeared in documents and hagiographies from the late 17th century until fairly recent times and in part because of misunderstandings that arose from inquiries relating to pre-colonial Maratha government by British Raj administrators from around the 1820s onwards.  

Marathas have dominated the state politics of Maharashtra since its inception in 1960. Since then, Maharashtra has witnessed heavy presence of Maratha ministers or officials (which comprises 25% of the state) in the Maharashtra state government, local municipal commissions, and panchayats. 10 out of 16 chief ministers of Maharashtra hailed from the Maratha community as of year 2012.

A humble request to all મરાઠા સમાજ brothers/sisters to register on this site and show the strangth of our community.Here you can create profile of your family members too,lets build more contacts to each other. that is what the aim of this site.

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