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Cāraṇas (Charan, plural Chaarans) is a caste living in the Rajasthan and Gujarat state of India.

Members of this caste are considered to be divine by a large section of society. Women of the caste were adored as mother goddesses by other major communities of this region including Rajput kings. The goddesses Karni Mata, Bahuchara Mata, Khodiyar Mata, Mogal Mata and Sonal Mata are well-known examples of Charan Maha Shakti mothers. All Charan Maha Shaktis are represented with the word (aai ma), for example (aai shree khodiyar maa), (aai shree sonal maa).

Kings gave the caste grants of villages, and various kings also gave them Lakh Pasavs, large gifts equivalent to 100,000 rupees that usually consisted of elephants, money, and ornaments. The kings would also invite them to occupy a place in the Royal Courts. A Rajput's regard for a Charan was uppermost. Because of their ability to compose poems  instantaneously, another popular way of addressing members of the Charan caste is "Kaviraj", which literally means "king among poets". Charans are considered to be the only Thakurs other than the Rajputs. Charans were always posted in the front lines of attacks in the armies.

Charans are divided into many groups such as Maru Charan, Tumbel Charan and many more, where each one of these groups consists of different surnames like Gadan, Detha, Baati, Barhat, Sinhdhayach, Ratnu, Kaviya, Modd and many others.

Their eating and drinking habits resemble those of the Rajputs. Charans used to enjoy consumption of opium, practices which are also popular among the Rajputs of this region.

A husband and wife will not drink milk from the same cow, or milk soiled by their counterpart. Drinking milk from one mother (cow) symbolizes that those who do so should be considered as siblings. Before Indian independence in 1947, a sacrifice of a male buffalo constituted a major part of the celebration of Navratri. Such celebrations quite often used to be presided over by Charan woman.

A humble request to all ચારણ સમાજ brothers/sisters to register on this site and show the strangth of our community.Here you can create profile of your family members too,lets build more contacts to each other. that is what the aim of this site.

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