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The Caste “Bhuiyar or Bhuyiar” passes its life with great soberness and genteelism and was considered as the Scheduled Caste by the Allahabad High Court. According to the different places, the name of the caste Bhuiyar is different like it generally called as Julaha, kabir panthi, Bhanyar julaha, Bunkar Samaj, Kori, etc Bhuiyar samaj is now much developed to the very beginning of the days of free India, after 1947.They have been come, out from the boundation of many old, non basic thinking.
The traditional occupation of Bhuiyar Samaj is weaving; therefore the caste is also called as the “Bunkar Samaj” (Julaha). The word Julaha was also exists at the time of industrial revolution of England from 1770 to 1830. It has been stated that in 1785, Edmund Cartwright. Invented a hydraulic weaving machine and the three hydraulic weaving machine can run together at the same time with the help of only one person, this works more than the three good weavers. So gradually the occupation of Bhuiyar caste is ended with the arrival of weaving machines.
The Panth of Bhuiyar is Kabir Panth. Kabir Saheb was born in Saka 1455 in the Weaver family at Kashi, and he was looked after by the Weaver (Julaha), Neeru and his wife Neema. Kabir Saheb was uneducated, in spite of that, he is known for his great collection of “Dhohas”, which teaches us the truth and the fact of the simple and prosperous life, encloses in the great “Kabir Amrit Waani”. He was a very great and simple person and that is the reason of his influence on others. Bhuiyar people follow the path of welfare shown by him.
In the ancient age, the weaving was only the occupation for Bhuiyar people, but now days, Bhuiyar people works in different industries for different positions, some are Businessmen, Contractors, Industrialist, Farmers and other occupation also.

A humble request to all BHUIYAR brothers/sisters to register on this site and show the strangth of our community.Here you can create profile of your family members too,lets build more contacts to each other. that is what the aim of this site.

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