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      About US

      What is 1Samaj ?

      1Samaj is an initiative to unite people of same gotra, or clan, all over the world. represent your family, and know other families out in your community.Be in touch with each other and explore more possibilities within the community. build a network of people whom you know and whom they know.

      Why 1Samaj is made?

      Indian culture was based on very basic unites like family,vilages, and society. Due to invasion from wastern culture, all these pillers are broken and Individual has imeerged as more powerfull agaisnt them. However Individual is not capable to cop with the system and own need. the values of society is still benifitiory because the level of trust is higer there. It is alwase wise to be connetected to your own people rather then strangers. keeping this basic principal in mind we build this portal, to take individual closer to his own society.